Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18...

wednesday begins with a trip to the gym
stats: 5 sets of what i call 3 times 3
this consists of 3 different weight bearing exercises
2 that focus on upper body/1 on lower body
3 different moves - 39 reps total for each move (i do 13 reps for each exercise)
5 sets, or different combinations for a total of 585 reps today
after that i ran 3 miles - i run a pretty slow mile but
i'm happy with myself for sticking it out - my knee was bugging me halfway through
totals: 35 minutes cardio, 45 minutes weight lifting

breakfast: a pre-workout cup of coffee with a dash of organic sugar and soy creamer
post workout:
2 healthy girl pancakes with a scant teaspoon of maple syrup (that's all i had)
protein shake: 1 cup of plain light soy milk blended with 1/3 cup fresh blueberries,
1 heaping scoop chocolate soy protein powder, an ice cube and
a squirt of tj's midnight moo organic chocolate syrup
lunch - about a half cup of Elizabeth's fantastic minestrone
a cup or so of green salad
1/2 whole wheat roll
snack - 3/4 cup cashews (a splurge)
dinner - 3 very small thin slices of beef roast
a side of mixed vegetables and 4 roasted baby red potatoes
1 piece of bread drizzled with olive oil, garlic salt and a dash of cheese
snack - a mug of mixed tea - a bag of sleepy time and a bag of chamomile
2 cinnamon graham crackers (trader joes - the best)
night night!

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